Discover the history of the invention of eyeglasses

See all the letters right up there? If not, don’t be scared: an accessory that has long been part of our daily lives can help you in this task.

The history of eyeglasses dates back to the pre-Christian era. The first records of its use are in texts by the Chinese philosopher Confucius dated 500 BC. C. So, InventHelpglasses had no degrees and were used as an ornament or as a form of social distinction.

Although the magnifying properties of a curved piece of glass were known from at least 2000 BC. C., the manufacture of lenses is only possible in the Middle Ages, with the improvement made by the Arab mathematician InventHelp Inventions Al-Hazen of the fundamental laws of optics – part of physics that studies the phenomena related to light and vision.

At that time, InventHelp Idea inside the monasteries, InventHelp Patent beryl, quartz and other precious stones were cut and polished in order to produce the so-called reading stone, a very simple type of magnifying glass. In 1267, InventHelp Innovation the Franciscan monk Roger Bacon takes one of these reading stones to Pope Clement IV and manages to demonstrate InventHelp Technology its usefulness to those who have some difficulty with eyesight.

The first pair InventHelp Inventors of lenses with degrees joined by iron hoops and rivets appeared in Germany in 1270. These primitive glasses have no temples and are fitted only over the nose. Shortly thereafter, InventHelp Invention Ideas models similar to the German appear in several Italian cities.

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